Jannat Mili Hain Song Lyrics – Sarit Dutta | New Hindi Song (2024)

Jannat Mili Hain Song Lyrics is new Hindi Song performed by Sarit Dutta and released by the Sarit Dutta Music company. Dr. Uma Naveen Mehta wrote the poignant lyrics for this engrossing song, Jannat Mili Hain, while Sarit Dutta provided the music.

Jannat Mili Hain Song Details: 

Song: Jannat Mili Hain

Singer: Sarit Dutta

Music: Sarit Dutta

Lyrics: Dr Uma Naveen Mehta

Music Label: Sarit Dutta

Jannat Mili Hain Song Video

Jannat Mili Hain Lyrics 

Tu mera bewajah

Imtihaan le rahi hain

Tere mere ishq ki baatein

Har jagah yun ho rahi hain

Jabse nazdikiyaan bhi

Ye badne lagi hain

Ye jamaane ki nazre 

Humein satane lagi hain

Ye chandni bhi 

Aake jami pe  

Yun kahne lagi hain

Tere Ishq mein jannat mili hain

Tere Ishq mein jannat mili hain

Ab tu aise to na dekh

Ki jaanti nahi hain

Haath dil pe rakh jara tu

Dhadkan me rahti hain

Ye chandni bhi 

Aake jami pe 

Yun kahne lagi hain

Tere Ishq mein jannat mili hain

Tere Ishq mein jannat mili hain 

Lyrics by: Dr Uma Naveen Mehta

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