Moh Na Laage Lyrics
Moh Na Laage Lyrics

Moh Na Laage Lyrics – Dukaan

Moh Na Laage Lyrics from Dukaan the brand-new Hindi song is performed by Arijit Singh and Shreyas Puranik, and Monika Panwar is featured in this most recent song. Siddharth-Garima wrote the words for the song Moh Na Laage, while Jackie Vanjari produced the music and Siddharth-Garima directed the music video.

Moh Na Laage Song Details:

Song:Moh Na Laage
Singer:Shreyas Puranik, Arijit Singh
Music:Jackie Vanjari
Starring:Monika Panwar
Label:Music Garage

Moh Na Laage Lyrics

Moh Na Laage Ae Ae..

Moh Na Laage Mohan Tohse
Aisi Koyi Soorat Kar De
Ya Resham Si Makhmal Kar De
Ya Patthar Ki Moorat Kar De

Toh Mein Kashi Kaba Mera
Toh Mein Kashi Kaba Mera
Toh Mein Baste Ram

Jo Kar Loon Main Tere Phere
Kar Loon Charo Dham
Kar Loon Charo Dham

Kaiso Piyaso Chhao Laaga Yeh
Jag Dosh Ka Hi Naam De
Meera Ko Bhakti Hi Suhaye
Preet Kyun Daari Shyam Se

Oh Saare Geet Badal Do
Chaahe Reet Palat Do
Do Naam Alag Hai
Sang Mein Bolo

Aaj Se Bolo Meera Shyam
Meera Shyam

Toone Jog Ka Chola Odha
Pehna Har Ilzaam
Pee Loon Ab Main
Vish Ka Pyaala
Ho Jaaun Badnaam

Bolo Meera Shyam
Bolo Meera Shyam

Moh Na Laage
Moh Na Laage

Lyrics by: Siddharth-Garima

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